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Send Luggage Overseas

Send Luggage Overseas Cheap

Personal Effects Shipping with Ship Me Home

Sending luggage overseas has long been a financial burden due to the excessive charges of the Airline and Personal Effects Shipping industry.

For those wanting a cost effective alternative, Ship Me Home has our international delivery service that is able to send luggage overseas cheap and reliably using its network of international carriers. Shippers can also benefit from our combined 40 years’ experience of personal effects shipping to know what documentation is required when you send luggage overseas to ensure your goods clear customs in the destination country in a timely manner.

Ship Me Home’s online quote and booking system will also allow you to easily plan when you want your luggage collected and each of the services we offer (Express or Economy) will give you an approximate delivery date to your final destination.

Personal effects shipping can take slightly longer to clear customs in some countries so we always remind our customers to plan accordingly and allow extra time as needed.


Send luggage overseas cheap & easy!

We have been the number one door to door courier choice for travellers who have gathered excess baggage or personal effects and over the years have been continually meeting the needs of:

  • Tourists on holidays
  • International University Students
  • Backpackers
  • Travelling business executives

How do I get a quote from Ship Me Home?

To obtain a price to send luggage overseas simply go to our online quote section. You will need to enter the following information into our easy to use rate calculator:

  • Pick up Country, Suburb & Post Code
  • Destination Country, Suburb & Post Code
  • Number of Pieces you are sending
  • Dimensions (length, width and height) in centimetres of each piece
  • Weight in kilograms of each piece
  • Value of the shipment

Personal Effects Shipping

The rate provided will be based on the information you have supplied. All shipments are check weighed and measured by Ship Me Home on certified scales and measuring equipment. If the information provided was only an estimation, possible further charges may apply. We understand that at times, it may be difficult for our customers to access scales or tape measures so we will always contact them as soon as possible to advise of any discrepancies.

Will I be charged Import Duties, GST, VAT or Sales Tax in the destination country?

Each country has their own rules and guidelines for importing cargo. Ship Me Home has no control over fees and charges billed by foreign customs. For personal effects shipping there is normally a rule for owning the items for a set period of time so no Duty or Taxes are payable. It is always best to check the importing requirements prior to shipping your goods so there are no suprises when your goods arrive

What items can’t be sent?

All customers are asked to visit our Restricted Goods page to ensure they are not sending items that are considered Dangerous or Hazardous. There are many common household items that cannot be loaded on an aircraft so it is of the upmost importance that all items are checked to ensure they comply.

Does Ship Me Home arrange pick up?

Yes of course, when using our online booking system you will have the option of choosing which day you would like your goods collected and at what time. We ask that you allow a 4 hour window for the driver to arrive and collect your shipment.

Is my shipment trackable?

Knowing where your shipment is at each stage of its journey is of the upmost importance. Simply enter your consignment number on our tracking page to know where your shipment is and when it is due for delivery. Our online tracking page is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ship Me Home have become known as the personal effects shipping experts, whether on holiday or moving onto life’s next adventure you know who to call to send luggage overseas cheap and easy!

Need to send luggage overseas? Call Ship Me Home on 1300 335 487 or email us.