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Don’t Get Slugged at Check In !!

Posted on 02 Aug, 2017

Personal Effects Shipping Courier

Depending on your destination and ticket class there are weight limitations and baggage allowances on all airlines. For those of you that have been asked to remove 5 kgs from your luggage or accept over inflated excess luggage fees know exactly what I am talking about.

There’s no need to get caught at the check-in counter having to shell out hundreds of dollars. The answer is to plan ahead and take advantage of our experience with personal effects shipping. With our no-fuss online booking system your excess luggage will be waiting for you at home safe and sound and it won't cost you the earth !!

Across all airlines the amount of luggage you’re able to check in varies depending on your fare, ticket class and inclusions. Luggage allowances vary widely and the additional piece or excess weight cost is significant. If you know your luggage is going to be overweight or you’ve added an extra piece or two it would be wise to look for alternatives.

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